Statement of Support

“Arriving at Renee Wasylyk meet & greet, I had no expectations except to find out why she is competing for the Member of Parliament nomination and hear her views on local / western political climate. I appreciated when Renee introduced her Mother, Father and Children. She wasted no time and made no apologies for her prominent success as a local business women, having a masters business education and strong spiritual values. One does not need to look far to find out who Renee Wasylyk is, and that she expects personal and peer accountability. Aside from the respect she deserves for being business educated, she has earned recognition and holds current director status with Interior health and First West Credit Union as well as other notable accolades. 
With today’s stormy political climate, I ask what type of person could endure the demands of relentless and unforgiving scrutiny from left leaning media and the public eye. I believe Renee can manage the unpredictable day to day affairs on behalf of all Canadians because of her personal convictions and inclusive character. The future of our country faces many cultural, regional and environmental challenges. Renee strongly believes in family and holds much needed solutions for future sustainable communities.
I will cast my vote for Renee Wasylyk on April 6 because we need someone who is firm, fair, friendly and committed to defending the family, cultural values-process’s that built this great country called Canada.”
Mike Mallo
“Brent and I enthusiastically endorse Renee Wasylyk as the Conservative candidate for Kelowna-Lake Country in the upcoming federal election. Renee’s track record demonstrates a solution based commitment to creating value for all stakeholders. In a world that is ever more complex and polarized, where just a few voices can make an enormous amount of negative noise, we need representation in Ottawa that can stay focused on supporting and developing economic opportunities for our country and in turn our community. We believe that Renee’s entrepreneurial leadership in a competitive business make her such a representative. We are confident that she will take a pragmatic approach to solving problems. We are also impressed by her positive attitude, her curiosity and her genuine interest in others. On a personal level, she is a wonderful mother whose love and pride for her family simply radiates when she speaks of them. With all this in mind, we support Renee in her quest to win back the Conservative seat in Kelowna-Lake Country and we look forward to her representing our community in Ottawa.”
Caroline Gilchrist – Professor, Okanagan School of Business Okanagan College                                Brent Gilchrist – President JDS Resources Inc.


“Renee has a unique ability to hear people and identify a solution.  She brings ‘boots on the ground’ experience to make the solution a reality.  Renee has proven repeatedly that her leadership brings big results.  She has influence and an ability to make things happen.  Renee is both a mother and a business woman recognized across the country for her accomplishments.  Her in depth understanding of the economy and how it affects every aspect of the family today is what differentiates Renee as the best candidate.  She has a desire to bring real change to every family in our city locally and even in our country.  Many can attest to how she has already brought change to their immediate situation.  Combined with her leadership qualities and great passion for our community this is exactly who we need leading the charge for our future generation.”
Jen Krahn – Self EmployedJ-LO Strategies Inc
“Renee’s strong business acumen, that spans construction to high tech,  and her passion for the Community instills in me the confidence that she will provide the leadership we need to create a strong economy supported by a fiscally responsible government.Having worked in both the high tech and construction industries, I see on a day to day basis how the support of our government  for business has dwindled away and we are left with a government that creates obstacles to the Small to Medium Businesses that are the very backbone of our economy.  A turnaround leader is needed to rectify this and Renee has the skills to make this happen and ensure that we have a future.”
Wendy Van Donkelaar – Kettle Valley Moulding and Millwork
“I believe that Renee Wasylyk embodies a compassionate Conservative approach to leadership. I knew of her from her accomplishments in the business community and, after getting to know her, her personality and integrity outshine her reputation. She’s smart, successful, thoughtful and listens to the needs of people in the community. Our riding needs a leader like Renee Wasylyk who has the character and ability to effect positive change!”
Collin Sawatzky – Senior Business Advisor NAI Commercial Okanagan
“When not taking care of her family or at the helm of her successful business, one can find Renee volunteering within her community. Renee is a good listener, problem solver and leads by example in a collaborative manner. As a mother of three young adults and Founder/CEO of a thriving real estate development company in Western Canada, Renee has been selected as one of Canada’s top 100 most powerful women two years running. Notably, Renee holds a MBA and a Masters in Theology.  Complimented by her vast business expertise and public speaking prowess, Renee brings wisdom and grace under fire to an aspiring political career where her unique skills, fairmindedness and even-keeled temperament, in dealing with complex problems, will be tested. At a time when well qualified people are understandably apprehensive about going into politics, Canada clearly needs more people like Renee in Government.”
Frederic F. Kristof – Kristof Financial Inc.
I’ve known Renee Wasylyk for 10 years. There is a reason why she has been selected one of Canada’s top 100 most powerful women for two years running.Not only has she built a successful real estate development company in western Canada, Renee has volunteered countless hours to many organizations and boards – making our community a better place.If you want a Conservative MP that will have a voice and bring positive change, then Renee is the candidate we need. I cannot do justice trying to summarize her great personality, accomplishments and accolades. Please take time to meet Renee and see for yourself why she is the right candidate for Kelowna/Lake Country. Let’s help get Renee to Ottawa, we need positive change!”
Colin Friess – Small Business Owner
“I support you because you are smart, strong and self motivated. You will be a positive force in Ottawa, on behalf of Kelowna and Lake Country residents.” 
Rob Murphy
I’m deeply impressed with Renee. She carries a wealth of skill, credibility, and deep understanding of Canada’s political, economic and business climates, among many other skill-sets. I’m confident that she will make an incredible MP for our riding here in Kelowna-Lake Country as well as a strong voice & representation in the halls in Ottawa”
Rachel Fiddler
I want Liberals out;You are qualified;You are an excellent communicator(critical attribute for a successful politician);You have ambition/vision beyond just becoming a local MP.” 
Tim Young
“Renee is an incredibly dynamic thinker who is passionate about public service and giving back to the larger community. She would be an excellent choice for MP.”
Daniel Liegmann
“I like knowing that Renee is a facilitator of positive change. She sees the challenges, the things that need fixing and she takes action. I like knowing she is strong, smart, progressive and can make a difference.  I support her, cheer her on, and can not wait to see how she will impact the country. I like knowing she will.”
Leeann Shipowick
“Renee is so inspirational! She basically started with nothing and became one of the leading entrepreneurs in Canada!  She is a loving mother, a wonderful mentor, a savvy business woman and philanthropist and she is running as the MP for the Kelowna – Lake Country riding.  She is the best choice and in my mind the only choice for our District, and watch out Canada, I believe she will be our Prime Minister – in the not too distant future.”
Jacqie Shartier
“As a business owner under 40, I am excited to see the direction Renee will take our country! We need new leadership in Ottawa that connects with millennials and bridges the demographic changes happening in our country. This is what Renee brings. She is a breath of fresh air to the current state of out of touch politicians in Ottawa. Renee’s passion, life experience, and natural ability to connect with Canadians of all ages will lead coming generations of Canadians to a brighter future!” ]
Luke Tracey