How To Vote

First of all, thank you so much for your inquiry.  We understand that some potential supporters may not completely understand how they can help to ensure that Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals are replaced come election day, October 21st, 2019.  Actually, few people understand that the process starts right now!

You see, prior to voting the Liberals out of Ottawa, we need to first decide who will represent our Conservative Party in our own riding of Kelowna-Lake Country.  This is called the nomination process.  So far there are only two candidates running to replace Liberal MP Steven Fuhr and, by virtue of you reading this, we assume that you are wanting to support Renee Wasylyk.  Good for you! 😊

So what must you do?

  1. First, be sure that you live in the riding and are eligible to vote at the upcoming nomination meeting (the date of this meeting has not yet been set; more on this in a moment). For example, if you live in the Kelowna South area you may not be eligible to vote.  Please refer to our electoral map by clicking here.

  2. Next, in order to vote for Renee, you must become a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Don’t panic!  It’s a very simple process. Just click here, fill out the form and pay a nominal membership fee of only $15.00 for one year.

  3. This next point is important and requires clarification.  In order to vote for Renee to become our Conservative Party candidate and run against Liberal Steven Fuhr, you must have been a Party member for at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the nomination meeting, a date that has not yet been set. Get it?  So, if the nomination meeting is announced to be on January 31st, for example, then you must have become a member before January 10th.  Yes, it best to sign up today to be sure you are eligible to vote!

  4. Lastly, the only way to vote for Renee is to attend the nomination meeting in person and show your membership card and ID.  These meetings are typically held in the evening and you don’t have to stay long if you choose not to.  After this vote, we will know if Renee will face Steven Fuhr during the election campaign and become the next Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country.